The Photobarn Pathway Scheme is a 12 month course aimed at people who want to turn their photography passion into a thriving business. Many people dream of turning the hobby they love into a successful small business, we will lead you through the minefield that is setting up your own photography business.

The course is a series of 12 modules throughout the year each 2 days in length, now on a weekend so you don''t have to use up your holidays from work. The Pathway course also gives you telephone and email support for all your questions when you are not with us, during the 12 months. Don''t know how to price a job? Going to meet a bride at home? Booked a portrait session and not sure where to shoot it? RING US, all questions we''ve had before, and to be honest you probably know the answer from attending the course, but sometimes you just need to talk to someone and hear it again!

Summary of the Photobarn Pathway Course:

  • 12 month programme designed to bring your photography up to commercial level and deliver business success.
  • 26 days of training spread across the 12 months in 2 day modules
  • 2 scheduled 1-2-1 mentoring days
  • Unlimited telephone & email support throughout the course.
  • Portfolio building throughout the year, so you have workable display photographs for your new business.
  • Expert marketing advice, we will help you create a strongly branded business, ready for the competitive photography industry.
  • Digital Workflow solutions: We will teach you the Adobe Lightroom secrets that help you work quickly and efficiently, Time is Money!
  • The 12 Modules include: Portraiture (Studio and Lifestyle), Weddings, Creating your Brand, Marketing, Identifying your target market, Business Management, Previewing, What Product to sell, Digital Workflow, Suppliers & Building relationships and finally Personal Creative Development.